• Cholesterol
  • Hdl/Ldl
  • Blood sugar
  • Blood pressure
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Body mass index (BMI)
  • Waist measurement
  • Health coaching


Employees working full time and managing families are time poor so providing an opportunity for health awareness and promoting wellbeing activities makes for a more engaged and happier workforce.

Health checks are designed as a screening tool to assess common risk factors. By performing some simple tests we can help your employees identify and manage risk factors for many common health issues such as heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.

The tests performed will give your employees a record of their levels in cholesterol blood pressure, and glucose alerting them to risk factors for future health problems.


All our tests are voluntary and all results are strictly confidential and only discussed with the employee.

Individuals participating in our health checks are required to complete a brief self assessment lifestyle questionnaire. Group statistics showing the results without identifying individuals names or ages is given to the company. This data can highlight areas of need which enables your company to prioritize well being activities such as talks on cholesterol, healthy eating, quitting smoking and the importance of exercise.

At Harbour Healthcare we believe that assessing the basic risk factors and, where necessary, referring on to appropriate health professionals is the most efficient and cost effective way to manage health risks.

The aim is to reinforce health enhancing behaviour and encourage individuals to examine and change lifestyle habits and behaviours such as smoking, inactivity, overeating, poor nutrition and excessive alcohol intake.



  • Employees more engaged and happier at work
  • Positive culture in the workplace
  • Increased productivity
  • Employees feel valued
  • Reducing absenteeism
  • Increased productivity
  • Reducing workplace injury
  • Improved staff retention
  • Improved corporate image
  • Become an employer of choice

Health checks FAQ

  • All our assessments are performed by suitably qualified nurses.
  • The individual does not have to fast prior to the blood tests.
  • The blood tests require a small amount of blood from a finger prick and the results are obtained within minutes.
  • Those participating are given the results and immediate feedback. The nurse will discuss the results and explain to the individual how to interpret the information.
  • All results are recorded on a card and given to each participant for future reference.
  • If a result is elevated the individual will be advised to see their GP for further more detailed testing
  • Nurses will encourage and motivate participants to learn more about their health