Catherine Thomas established Harbour Healthcare in 2008 after many years experience in the healthcare industry.

Catherine gained invaluable experience working for Diabetes Australia Victoria where she developed a passion for health education. There she led a team of diabetes educators in delivering educational service to people with diabetes and health professionals throughout the state.

“The Diabetes model is an excellent example of people becoming independent and empowered through awareness and education”

After moving to New South Wales she worked at the Prince of Wales Hospital in the Diabetes Education Unit where she ran the education programs. After a few years away from the workforce to start a family she recommenced work in a large medical practice in Mosman. General practice nursing covers many areas of primary healthcare from chronic disease management to lifestyle education and health promotion. A great part of the work involved vaccination which motivated her to complete a course in immunisation at the N.S.W. College of Nursing.

The experience gained through her work in Diabetes education and in the medical practice motivated Cathy to start a company that provides well being services in the workplace. Workplace health checks and flu vaccination services have now become an integral part of workplace wellness programs.

“To create the opportunity to allow individuals to know their possible risk factors early provides an excellent service to your employees and the workplace is the perfect place to have some simple screening tests to motivate people to take action sooner rather than later.”

To be aware of the interplay of risk factors such as high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, diabetes, obesity, excessive alcohol intake, smoking and inactivity is essential to a persons well-being.
Harbour Healthcare can provide both short and long term solutions to achieving a healthy business environment. A healthy business environment reduces absenteeism, increases productivity and provides a more positive corporate image.

Harbour Healthcare employs a team of health professionals that provide personalised professional care of the highest standard.

“Harbour Healthcare believes in sustainable health through awareness, education and prevention”